Wedding Car Rentals

At Cosmans Auto Classics we are focused on providing a personal wedding car service with the highest levels of customer satisfaction – A wedding is a highly personal event and we feel incredibly privileged to be able to share those moments with you. Our service policy is to do whatever we can to ensure your day is as wonderful as you are hoping for. You are hiring more than just a classic car.

Arrive in Style with a Cosmans Auto Clasics!

If you are looking to create a truly memorable wedding day, consider old world, vintage luxury with a classic wedding car hire. These cars have stood the test of time and have joined the canons of car lore. There is no doubt about their strong appeal. By contrast, nobody has put contemporary limousines up on a pedestal or memorialized them. It’s not that they lack elegance, beauty and engineering excellence, but only time will tell if they survive and if posterity will treasure them. Hire a classic car that has already gained this respect.

A hand picked to choose from

These cars are chauffeur driven classics perfect for capturing the intimacy and love of a bride and groom. In fact, they work as transportation, whether they carry the bridesmaids, the groomsmen, and the important grandparents or parents. Having a single Bentley or an elegant Ford at your wedding is spectacular, but when you have multiple classic vintage cars, it’s astonishing.

This special day will last forever, even though as time passes we might age but the images taken on the wedding day will remain. So with this in mind our vehicles must be and are prepared and polished to that high standard, showcasing you and your bridal party.