1929 Ford Master Model A

Our car collection is not complete without a model a and this 1929 model a four door sedan is a solid survivor that evokes a bygone 1929. The 1929 introduction of the ford model a was long-awaited event, with extensive pre-lunch advertising and interviews with henry ford. Indeed, ford perfected the art of effective product placement in one of the most successful new car lunches in automobile history.

On the other hand it’s nice to see how luxurious the basic ford sedan really was with plenty of room for everyone on board carpets instead of rubber mats like those found in open cars and attractive wood garnish molding that are an elegant touch.
The familiar model a controls are easy to master and the big steering wheel makes the car feel nimble on the road, perfect vehicle for our Cosmans Auto Classics family, making tampa bay part of our love for this full of history cars.