1936 Chevy Master

The Chevrolet master was manufactured by Chevrolet between 1934 and 1942, a favorite among buyers that year was 1936 Chevrolet master series, whose design was deeply influenced by the art deco style that was popular at the time ,with its slightly raked body. suicide doors and waterfall grille. the conventional four-door sedan performed better in overall sales in 1936.

Extensive history this character chevy master has clearly been much loved over the years, his prior owner mr.gamble continued a restoration process that starter with his father who purchase this vehicle brand new in 1936 and inherited to his son in 1956, mr… gamble star a restoration almost 30 years ago bringing this master piece back to live.

Cosmans Auto Classics are so proud to have this beautiful peace in our hands, and even more proud to continued this masterpiece for many more years to come